Sense of Surround – Edwina Corlette Brisbane

I am happy to announce I am now represented by Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane.

I will be in the group show ‘Sense of Surround’ opening this Saturday 6th September 2014 from 2-4pm. The works I have in the show are below.

Sense of Surround brings together five artists – Carla Hananiah, Tara Marynowsky, Kate Scardifield, Jennifer Tyers and Amber Wallis – and suggests that an artist’s conjuring up of a personal landscape offers the viewer an exchange – a facilitating by the artwork of a crossing over into territories of the psyche meeting the physical.

Each of these artists follows and assists the natural inclinations of her materials, asks formal questions about the nature of her medium and works toward an idiom of space in a compellingly unique voice. Carla Hananiah’s electric-coloured canvases build tension between epic landscape and singularities of paint on a micro scale. The auratic power of the feminine is investigated in Tara Marynowsky’s painterly interventions on vintage postcards and surreal watercolours. Kate Scardifeld’s obsessively wrapped poles allude to the marking out of space by tribal totems as well as to the stripes on a nation’s flag. The crisp use of pattern, acidic colour and cool pools of shadow in the watercolours of Jennifer Tyres calls up the omniscient, fecund presence sensed in jungles and rainforests. And Amber Wallis’ bravura oil paintings gesture sensually toward action and materiality in the landscape of the paint itself. Carol Schwarzman—sense-of-surround


Blue Clouds Grey Trees 2014

Cloud Planks at Building Site 2014

Blue Painting 2014




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